It seems abundantly clear that SSPX priests have been given marching orders to not bring up in public the possibility that there is an any way, shape, or form, a “conspiracy theory” surrounding the Wuhan coronavirus.

Fr. Stephen Reid, a priest stationed in St. Mary’s, Kansas, has given us definitive proof of that.

Fr. Reid is just one of a handful of Society priests in St. Mary’s to be featured in a video series called “Time with Father.” The SSPX has released these short, informal videos on their YouTube page. (Click here) to watch them.

Fair warning, though. You won’t find any of them talking all that much about politics or global affairs — you know, the stuff men need and thrive on. Most of the videos these priests made focus on spirituality. Here are just a few of the video titles: “Means of Sanctification,” “Peace of Soul in Quarantine,” “Our Lady’s Sorrows in the Passion,” “What is Virtue?” “Sanctifying Holy Saturday.” 

Fr. Reid’s 8 minute-long video — weirdly titled “We are the Makers of History!” — is truly mind boggling. He begins by talking about how he is fascinated with the fact that are all alive right now during the coronavirus outbreak. He says it is just remarkable that we are alive and in the flesh during a time that will be remembered forever. Or something.

He then goes on a weird, cringeworthy tangent where at times he seems to be joking and then not joking and then joking again about conspiracy theories and the coronavirus. Watch:

If you want to read what Fr. Reid said about conspiracies, below is the text. (I’m not sure I even understand it. Scroll past it if you watched the video already).

We’re living in history right now. We’re actually alive, not just, in any moment in history but we’re alive now at a moment in history that’s going to be remembered. 

Now, I know, guessing from the viewership of our videos, there’s probably going to be certain nay-sayers out there who say “Oh, you know, COVID-19 is not a really big deal, its been fabricated by the government.” So I’m not going to give my opinion on that — but I think regardless of what we think about coronavirus or whether it’s some grand conspiracy, it’s definitely something that has marked our time. 

And if it is a grand conspiracy, then I am the biggest sucker of conspiracies! I am all in. I am totally deceived and scared and just…yeah. I’ve sold my soul to Google anyways, so — it’s fine! No, but, what I mean by that, I didn’t actually sell my soul to Google — trust me — but I (grabs phone) Google does know everything about me.

I’ve not done a very good job protecting myself from the people in dark rooms listening to us all the time trying to find out what we’re really doing (holds up phone, speaks into it) “It’s okay, Google, I’m still your friend” (holds phone up to ear, is met with silence). Google never talks back.

Anyway, so whatever you think about coronavirus it is a great event in history.

I myself am at a loss and beyond puzzled as to what Fr. Reid is going for here. Was he joking? Was he joking and then realized he wasn’t making sense? Was he serious about being a conspiracy theorist and then realized he might get in trouble for saying that and then awkwardly tried to make a joke out of it?

Whatever the answer is, Father pressed on and talked about how Catholics should just focus on the little, “mundane” things of life and realize “our progeny” will ask us what it was like “making history” during the grand coronavirus outbreak of 2020.

Father ended his remarks at the 7:17 mark in the video by wishing viewers a good Easter. Then, out of nowhere, the screen skips for a second and Father is seen in his chair again. He then says he’d “like to make one correction to what I said in this video.” His words:

I realize that as a Catholic priest almost everything that I say is probably in some way controversial, so I want to make it clear that when I say that I am sucker for conspiracy theories or conspiracies it doesn’t mean that I believe all the conspiracy theories.

It means that I doubt all the conspiracy theories, or, frankly, I don’t believe all the conspiracy theories — maybe with some exceptions. No, I don’t believe the conspiracy theories. That’s what I mean when I say that. 

But I do acknowledge the fact that your phone is able to listen to you even without you realizing it. That is not a conspiracy theory. So, with that clarification made, let us go together and make history doing God’s will. Amen.

I have no clue what this “clarification” is supposed to clarify. So is he or isn’t he saying he believes in conspiracy theories? Does he not believe there are bad guys out there using COVID-19 to advance a sinister agenda? What sort of hostage video is this? Clearly the higher ups in the SSPX saw his original video and pointed a gun at his head to make this addendum.

It’s obvious the SSPX is hyper aware of being seen as “conspiracy theorists” and that they are beyond obsessed with distancing themselves from that label as much as possible. Well, SSPX, here’s a newsflash: Even mainstream conservative commentators realize this is a conspiracy to strip us of our rights, institute global government, and inject us with vaccines! Wake up and take the lead on this! We are dying out here for priests to boldly speak the truth about the diabolical New World Order! The devil is laughing at your silence!

Fr. Reid’s video, combined with Fr. le Roux’s and Fr. Robinson’s denouncing of “conspiracy theories” altogether, stand in stark contrast to the remarks made about conspiracies by the great Archbishop Lefebvre.

In They Have Uncrowned Him, the Archbishop explained how the B’nai B’rith, “a Masonic sect reserved for the Jews only,” pressured Church leaders during a secret meeting in order to “obtain” religious liberty. His Eminence called religious liberty a “blasphemous” teaching that “puts the holy and immaculate Spouse of Christ on the level of the heretical sects and even of Jewish perfidy.”

In his book Spiritual Journey, His Excellency said, “We must not be afraid to affirm that the current Roman authorities since John XXIII and Paul VI have made themselves active collaborators of international Jewish Freemasonry and of world socialism.”

Archbishop Lefebvre was a conspiracy theorist of the first rank. As an attendee of Vatican II, he knew more than anyone there were and always will be evil men in the world doing the biding of the devil and plotting with each other and the media behind closed doors to destroy the Catholic faith and to enslave the children of God.

The only question that now remains is: Does the Society of today still believe that? Does Fr. Reid believe that? It certainly doesn’t seem that they do. Shame on those who disgrace the legacy of the Archbishop and who are turning his gift to the church, the Society of St. Pius X, into a shell of what it once was. 

One thought on “Another SSPX priest denies coronavirus ‘conspiracies’

  1. That is strange, I hope he is not taking some type of medication; although if he was, at least there would be a reason for the strange behavior.

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