I am appalled though not surprised to learn that in a recent interview, Fr. Paul Robinson, the SSPX’s American “Golden Boy,” expressed contempt for those who are trying to use their critical thinking skills to work past the lies the global, corporate media is spreading about the coronavirus.

Last week, Fr. Robinson and a layman named Andrew Latham talked about the COVID-19 virus on an SSPX podcast.

During their discussion, the pair mocked and chuckled about those who think there is a “conspiracy theory” surrounding the virus. You can watch them reveal their naïveté by clicking on (this link), which will direct you to the Traditional Catholic Musings blog.

Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 11.24.22 PM

To make a long story short, Fr. Robinson (who recently appeared on the Taylor Marshall podcast) tells Latham that people who believe the outbreak is part of a sinister plot to reduce the globe’s population are basically nut jobs. The pair also talked about how it’s silly to think the Democrats are using it as a way to get rid of President Trump.

The level of ignorance on display in their discussion is something to behold. Indeed, political conservatives and libertarians – not to mention most mainstream “traditional” Catholic commentators – are already publicly arguing that COVID-19 is being used to take away our rights, institute a global surveillance state, and inject us with vaccines.

Father is way out on his own here, and his remarks would likely shock many of the non-SSPX Catholics who in these times are turning to the Society for the sacraments. (Even Athanasius Schneider, the Society’s favorite conciliar bishop, has said there’s something fishy about the coronavirus.)

Be that as it may, Robinson’s intense opposition to thinking a “conspiracy” is afoot has become the Society’s modus operandi in recent years. Long gone are the days of Bishop Williamson and bringing up the Jews, Freemasons, economics, and political affairs. “That’s not what what Tradition, or Lefebvre, stands for!” or so the beta-male leaders of the neo-SSPX seem to be telling us. “The beauty of Tradition is what we should focus on instead of the negative stuff!”

But that’s not what Archbishop Lefebvre did. In his book Spiritual Journey, His Excellency said, “We must not be afraid to affirm that the current Roman authorities since John XXIII and Paul VI have made themselves active collaborators of international Jewish Freemasonry and of world socialism.”

Gasp! What does Fr. Robinson think of that? Would he laugh in the Archbishop’s face over that remark were he alive today? Because that’s basically what he’s doing now.

It’s essential to recall that Catholics by their baptism and confirmation have been given the gifts of the Holy Spirit – wisdom, understanding, knowledge, etc. etc. It is those gifts that allows them to see the truth about the diabolical, corporate-news run concentration camp that has been setup for them to be confined in. It is the Holy Spirit that lets them connect the dots and recognize the diabolical plots being hatched around the world by evil men. Father Robinson shows he is clearly deficient in several of these gifts.

Ultimately, Fr. Robinson’s interview is a great stain and embarrassment to the legacy of Archbishop Lefebvre. In the past, the Society always stood for truth and was never afraid to speak it. Robinson’s head-in-the-sand approach is truly a disgrace, though it’s to be expected from the SSPX these days. It has been many, many years since they called out the New World Order for its evil ways (remember Fr. DeLallo’s The Sword of Christendom book that is no longer in print?). Their priests are formed to focus mostly on spirituality today, and not so much politics.

But wait, there’s more! The desire to brow beat SSPX faithful into becoming un-thinking drones was also on display in a letter written by Fr. Yves le Roux, the rector of the SSPX’s Virginia seminary. 

In his letter about the coronavirus, Father baselessly claims that “conspiracy theories…lead [men] into an even more alarmist depression.”

“Conspiracy theories proliferate on the social networks. Some are convinced that this virus…is a biological weapon manufactured by men without faith or law who want to exterminate half the planet.”

Has Father ever heard of Bill Gates?

The rest of the letter is dripping with disdain for anyone who dares to try and put 2 and 2 together. “These theories are part of the general panic that crushes and suffocates a good part of mankind in these times,” Father writes.

What le Roux is really saying is: don’t try to think too much about reality. Just shut-up and do what I tell you. I will control your reality for you. All is well!

This sort of cult-like methodology is extremely dangerous for many reasons. The most obvious reason is because it makes people more docile and more easily manipulated for when the time comes when something really important takes place (like when the SSPX makes another push for a full on deal with un-converted Rome).

Of course, that deal may not be official for some time yet, but with each passing day the neo-SSPX is showing that the regularization process put into motion under the Fellay regime is slowly turning them into just another mainstream group of priests unwilling to speak and unable to recognize the truth. What a terribly sad thing to witness.

2 thoughts on “All is well!

  1. I know Fr Paul Robinson from my attendance at the SSPX Mass Centre at Rockdale where he offered TLM on various occasions. Subsequent to one of his Masses I had a brief conversation with him about the Akita Apparition Saga…I said to him that I doubted its authenticity because Our Lady would not use Gimmicks to get her message across…his response was “Then I suppose you do not believe in Fatima because of the Gimmick that Our Lady used the Miracle of the Sun to get Her Message across?”. I said “Father, you know I had an inclination that you were going to say precisely that”. I thought the man must be a Moron. Reading the exchange repeated in your post above I am now convinced that he is not only a Moron, but a very dangerous one to have inside the SSPX.

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