The Rorate Caeli blog has been a long-time supporter of the SSPX’s “regularization” process. On Wednesday, November 6, it announced that Jim Vogel and Brian McCall will be attending the 2020 Roman Forum next July. The event has been hosted by Dr. John Rao for decades.

As far we know, this is the first time an official representative of the SSPX will be on hand. A quick glance at the guest list shows it’s going to be a “Who’s Who” of Conciliar Neo-Traditionalism: Rev. John Hunwicke, Peter Kwasniewski, Joseph Shaw, and Fr. Edmund Waldstein, to name a few.

All of these men have expressed, in public, some amount of apprehension or outright disagreement with Archbishop Lefebvre. The ones who aren’t as opposed to the Archbishop have said they admire him for his defense of the Latin Mass but none have said the SSPX is where Catholics need to be. Archbishop Lefebvre had a term for Catholics like that: “false friends.”

The titles of the talks that are scheduled over the event’s two-day period are listed on Rorate’s site. Click here for more info. Some of the topics seem genuinely interesting. Others not so much. Here’s just a few that caught my eye:

  • The Novus ordo missae, Archbishop Lefebvre, & the Foundation of the SSPX
  • Ecclesia Dei, the Fraternity of St. Peter & the Institute of Christ the King
  • Sedevacantism
  • The Americanist-Pluralist Temptation & the Debate over Religious Liberty & the Catholic State
  • The Appeal & the Dangers of the Traditionalist Catholic Ghetto
  • The Debate Over the “Reconciliation” of the SSPX
  • Outside Friends of the Movement: Real and Perceived
  • Outside Enemies of the Movement: Real and Perceived

It’s not hard to see what’s going on here. The SSPX has finally “made it to the big leagues.” I’m not sure which topics Vogel and McCall are going to talk about, but whatever they do discuss, they surely won’t give a fair representation of the Resistance’s main points.

If anything, the topics listed above suggest the Resistance will be calumniated against even more than sedevacantism, which is the focus of only one presentation.

It’s important to remember that an event like this is exactly what the Archbishop warned about. In his famous 2-years after the consecrations interview, His Excellency said:

This is what causes us a problem with certain layfolk, who are very nice, very good people, all for the Society, who accepted the Consecrations, but who have a kind of deep-down regret that they are no longer with the people they used to be with, people who did not accept the Consecrations and who are now against us. “It’s a pity we are divided”, they say, “why not meet up with them? Let’s go and have a drink together, reach out a hand to them”  – that’s a betrayal! Those saying this give the impression that at the drop of a hat they would cross over and join those who left us. They must make up their minds.

U.S District Superior Fr. Jurgen Wegner just spoke at the Catholic Identity Conference, hosted by The Remnant Newspaper. He was welcomed with open arms. His topic? The Traditional Latin Mass. Ho-hum!

Archbishop Lefebvre is nothing more than a mascot to these liberals occupying positions of authority in the SSPX. They are letting human respect and popularity drive their decision making processes. They are failing to put forth the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

It’d be nice to think Vogel and McCall are going to the Roman Forum to represent the Traditional Catholic faith in its totality and to share exactly what it is Lefebvre believed. It’s more likely they’ll cherry pick certain remarks His Excellency made in the 1970s about “regularizing” with Rome. They’ll likely call the Resistance “schismatics” and say it’s a good thing Tradition is “coming together” to fight Modernist Rome.

Usually the most “hard line” attendees at these sorts of mixed gatherings end up toning down their principles and glossing over others. They end up rounding off the edges in order to fit in and not appear too extreme. Given that the SSPX has been doing that for the better part of the last decade, I’d be shocked to learn they do anything other than continue on in their betrayal of the Archbishop at the Roman Forum next summer.

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