Eight years ago something called the “Arab Spring” took place in the Middle East. Western media outlets reported to their blue-pilled viewers that “grassroots” uprisings of “oppressed peoples” were finally throwing off “the chains” of their “dictators” and, in the old American way, were transforming their “corrupt” countries into lands of liberty where government would be of, by and for the people.

The reality? Western imperialists clandestinely funneled millions of dollars to twenty-something rabble rousers to stir up anti-establishment sentiments so to cause as much chaos as possible in order to lead a coup against their nation’s leaders, many of whom were long-time allies of the United States.

I make mention of this historical incident not to suggest that dissent from SSPX leadership is funded by insidious actors. What I am saying is that in a very real way, some lay SSPX faithful do seem to be waking up to the bogus arguments put forth by their superiors. In other words, there are signs, ever so slight, that some SSPX’ers have not yet turned off their critical thinking skills completely.

Exhibit A: The Remnant Newspaper, perhaps the only Traditional publication willing to ask tough questions of the SSPX anymore (something Catholic Family News will never do, especially under the leadership of sycophant Brian McCall), published an essay by a lay SSPX woman wondering, quite reasonably, why the Society has been so muted regarding the massive sex abuse scandal currently rocking the Conciliar Church.

After applying a scalpel to the Society’s “news” article on Archbishop Vigano’s allegations, Ms. Katie Reiser expresses her dissatisfaction. “I sincerely hope to hear more from the Society in the future” regarding Archbishop Vigano. They have “neglected to mention” him in their reporting. They have also failed to substantially follow up on the “further developments” of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report.

She then wonders, quite rightly, “What does the Society think of…Archbishop Viganò’s Testimony and the implication of members of the hierarchy, up to and including Pope Francis, in a massive coverup scandal?”

Bravo Ms. Reiser! Keep asking questions! These are the sort of inquiries that drove Catholics in the 1970s and 80s into the Archbishop’s lifeboat. But consider yourself warned. If you keep this up you will at some point be told you are a Resistor! Don’t let it deter you! Truth is truth, wherever it is found.

Pray God sends his graces to Ms. Reiser and those souls in the Society who have not yet been completely lobotomized by their leaders.

One thought on “An SSPX “Spring”?

  1. The Society of St. Pius X is not in the business of commenting on news items before they have discovered the facts. On 9/15/18, the SSPX did publish an article dealing with the sex abuse issue and mentioned Philadephia in particular as well as its own few problems along that line. See below.


    Regarding Archbishop Vigano, it would be well for the Society as well as the rest of us to wait until all the facts are revealed. The well-known and widely respected writer, Randy Engel has written extensively on +Vigano, beginning even before he became a household name with his revelations regarding +McCarrick. It appears that Archbishop Vigano, himself, may possibly have been inplicated in covering-up and squashing the investigation of several allegations of sexual misconduct against Archbishop John Nienstedt, a known homosexual, who has been a good friend of Archbishhop Vigano for many years. See Parts I, II and III, beginning at the link below.


    It appears that there is a mad rush to judgement in these cases when all is not yet revealed. I have even seen calls for +Vigano to be the new pope after Pope Francis is ousted, as they are expecting. Everyone is looking for a hero and +Vigano seems to be the man of the hour. But is he really? We do not know. It is too soon to ‘support’ him before his exact role in this mess is clear, and what his connection to the ‘Lavender Mafia’ actually is.

    As a Third Order Member of the SSPX, since the founding of the Third Order by His Excellency Archbishop Lefebvre, I have enough experience with the workings of the Society to know that they are very deliberate and think everything through carefully before deciding what to put into print and what actions to take. I am sure that will be strong statements in the near future, after the facts reveal themselves. Until then, I would advise Ms. Reiser to refrain from writing hasty essays critical of the Society in publications that have not always been friendly to us. Over the decades, “The Remnant” has criticized the Society a great deal and even the Archbishop himself in numerous articles. They have been compromisers from the beginning. Michael Matt’s dearest wish has seemed to be that all traditional Catholics of every stripe, no matter what differences, all join together in one big soup. That is a poisonous soup that Archbishop Lefebvre warned us about over and over again. And if Ms. Reiser is attending Mass and receiving Sacraments from the Society, it seems that it is an act of betrayal of our priests and our superiors. Mr. Matt and “The Remnant” are like everyone ‘in good standing’ with Rome. This shock and outrage over the latest revelations abounding and many mea culpas over not listening to +Lefebvre well enough over the years is as amusing as it is late. Those of us who have attended the Society’s Masses from the beginning, have felt this outrage for nearly fifty years. There is no reason for the Society to immediately enter into the debate about +Vigano just because so many are finally awake and extremely agitated. While everyone was sleeping, the Society has been sitting up, watching and tending the fire, keeping it alive.

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