I am opposed to any sort of deal between the Society of St. Pius X and the current authorities in Rome. I am opposed to a deal not because I don’t trust Pope Francis (although that is true, I do not trust the two-faced Francis). I am opposed to any deal with unconverted Rome on principle because they adhere to the novus ordo religion. A religion which believes in religious liberty, ecumenism, and collegiality. A religion that places dialogue before teaching all nations. And a religion that welcomes non-Catholics to profane the House of the Lord.

The Romans are modernists and the bastard Church they have erected has no right to exist. It is an imposter, an occupying power allowed by God to be setup. This was prophesized by Our Lady on multiple occasions. Our Lady of Good Success said that Freemasonry would be in charge during these times. Our Lady of La Salette said the Church would be in eclipse. The Alta Vendita said Freemasonry’s stated aim was to infiltrate the Church. Just who does the Society think they are dealing with anyway? Does Bishop Fellay, Fr. Pfluger and Fr. Nely believe these apparitions are lies?

The Pope, if he “recognizes” the Society, would not be recognizing Tradition in any way. He would not be recognizing the Society as Catholic. Rather, he would be extending his modernist principles to them. He would be applying to them his “unity in diversity” and “reconciled diversity” mentality, which is another way of saying he is applying ecumenism to Tradition. Yet Tradition is the norm of the faith. To have Tradition come to a deal with modernism is to place the norm of the faith on equal footing with error, with falsehood. “And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what does the believer have with the unbeliever?”

To enter an arrangement with the Conciliar Church is to be put into a zoo, an ecumenical zoo. It is to become a liberal Catholic and to be content with being free among many in an error-filled Church where co-existence, not Christ, is King. When Archbishop Pozzo says that the Society is free to dispute religious liberty, ecumenism, and collegiality, he is in no position to dictate terms. He may be in a position of authority in Rome but he is abusing his authority. He must obey Tradition, not give it orders. Tradition is the norm of the faith. Sadly, the SSPX no longer understands that.

To put aside doctrinal differences and to focus on the things the Society has in common with the modernist Church is to engage in Freemasonry. Freemasonry holds that we can all come together based on what we have in common while forgetting our differences. What we have in common is more important than what we don’t have in common. But Truth is exclusive! There cannot be two religions for Christ’s one Church. Yet, if the Society comes to an agreement with Pope Francis, who is not living by the Catholic faith, then that is exactly what they are saying! They will have made a deal with someone who does not share the same principles, the same supernatural faith.

Every other Traditional group that went with Rome has used the same arguments as the Society does today. “We will be able to change the Church from the inside. We will have great numbers. We won’t be seen as schismatics!” Fools all. Our battle is with the powers of darkness. The Society has never left the Church. The irregularity is that of Rome. Rome must come back to the Church. They must be “regularized.” Not Tradition. Only a liberal would think the battle is a numbers game and that it relies on marketing gimmicks and slick public relations campaigns.

God removes His hand from those who put themselves into an occasion of sin. And yet the Society, now having been led to the mountaintop, is about to jump off at the behest of the devil who is telling them “surely you will not be dashed if you take a leap! The Blessed Mother and the angels will be with you. You will not be harmed!” Nonsense. To tempt God is to sin. It is to force the hand of God.

St. Athanasius did not seek “regularization.” He did not worry about becoming or being seen as schismatic. He stood firm, knowing he was in the truth. Archbishop Lefebvre, after having spent decades trying to repair things with the Church, was given that same insight and wisdom by the Holy Spirit in the late 1980s. He thusly declared that so long as the authorities do not have the faith of all time it is useless to dialogue. Doctrine comes first. He correctly adhered to Scripture: “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that town and shake the dust off your feet.”

The Archbishop’s goal was to get the Romans to see that they are not Catholic. Converting the Pope was his priority. If the Pope could be converted then everything else would fall in line and the Church would be saved. Yet today in 2017 the Society no longer tells Rome that they do not have the faith. They no longer say to Rome “you need to convert!” Rather, they seek the somewhat selfish goal of having the Romans see them the Society as Catholic. This is to invert everything. Instead of saying “Pope Francis, convert to save your soul and everyone else’s soul!” the Society says “Pope Francis, stay where you are, but tell the world that we are Catholic, pretty please.” May God have mercy on Bishop Fellay when he is called before the judgement seat. Instead of trying to convert Pope Francis to Tradition he has opted to leave him in the erroneous religion he clings to.

Human beings owe God – as a matter of justice – a debt. We owe him the duty to worship him the way He has seen fit to establish. That debt is paid in Tradition. God, therefore, as a matter of justice, is owed a Pope who is Traditional and a Church that is free of modernism. As his children, we have a right to a Church that is Traditional. To say that the “SSPX is owed as a matter of justice recognition by the Modernists” is to shift the focus from the rights of God to the rights of man, to the rights of the Society. It is an instance of liberal Catholicism. Imagine for a moment a boat captain deposed by a group of pirates who throw him in steerage. It would not be an act of justice to simply let the captain roam about on the deck while the pirates steered the vessel towards rocky waters. No, justice would take place when the pirates flee and the ship is given back to the captain. Yet, the Society today is simply content with having a small corner of the ship’s deck given to them by the modernist pirates who hijacked the Church at Vatican II.

A deal between the Society and Rome is not simply about trust and ensuring the Society’s freedom to preach.  Being free to preach the Catholic faith is what the wimpy Paul VI asked the world for after Vatican II. The struggle between the SSPX and Rome is about much more than “being free to preach.” It is about the struggle, as the Archbishop said, between those who want the rights of God over society and His Church and those who speak of the rights of man. The SSPX of old lived and died by this. No longer. It is evident that the Society of 2017 is content with simply being heard.

Prudence dictates that the Society learn the lessons of other groups that went with Rome and to stay far away from such a profane environment. But the Society of today is not prudent. They do not wish to learn from groups like the Good Shepherd Institute or the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. They do not live by the words of their Founder, who after 1988 said it is a strict duty to separate off from the Conciliar Church. They do not look at the actions of the Pope and how he truly behaves. They listen to his soft spoken lies. The Society’s indifference to all of these warning signs God has given them in order that they would stay far away will end up destroying them. As St. Alphonsus says, God gets out of the way of those who are dead set on pursuing their will instead of His.

Let us thank the Almighty who in his infinite wisdom has raised up Bishop Williamson, who has noticed these warning signs, and in the month of May will consecrate Fr. Gerardo Zendejas. Let us pray for these holy men of God and that the Society return to its former self. St. Pius X, ora pro nobis.

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