Generally speaking, people do not think for themselves. Often times they hear an argument made by someone in a position of authority and they simply follow along. It leaves them secure to go about their lives knowing that when it comes to certain areas of their existence there is a sense of tranquility.

One might say that man is pre-programmed or psychologically inclined to do what others say. For example, God made man. He is a creature. As a creature he is oriented towards his creator. Moreover, God made man as a creature who could create other creatures. Every man has an earthly father whom he is taught to obey. Furthermore, man is destined to belong to the Catholic Church, which requires him to submit himself to the wisdom of the Church over his own ideas. This is all well and good. For God was perfectly just in making some men superior to others. Men, simply put, need authority figures.

The modern world knows all this. It knows that man is by nature inclined to do and say what others do and say. But the modern world is run by the prince of this world. The modern world preys on man’s natural orientation to follow others. So those who run the modern world build up into demigods politicians, athletes, musicians and movie stars for modern man to follow.

The vast majority of modern men are passive in this regard. They are not awoke to the fact they are being led like sheep to the slaughter by these politicians, athletes, musicians and movie stars. They are totally incapable of seeing the wool that has been pulled over their eyes. They simply accept it as reality and are not able to think critically about it because they don’t know how. One might say that this is because modern man does not take the time to read, to study, to question. Everything must be spoon fed to him.

When it comes to a deal between the Society of St. Pius X and Rome, the modern man way of thinking manifests itself in two ways. Most often, it comes in the form of “Pope Francis cannot be trusted!” or “I know Bishop Fellay will do the right thing. I trust him!”

These are not inherently Catholic responses. They are merely intuitive feelings about the situation at hand. That doesn’t mean they aren’t correct responses. Intuition is nothing more than reason in a hurry. It simply means that they aren’t a thinking man’s response to the issue.

A Catholic response to SSPX-Rome relations would involve the extensive use of faith and reason. It would involve looking at the past, studying the principles involved, and seeing if the Bible or Our Lady’s apparitions might have anything to say about it. It would also involve seeing if the words of the Saints are applicable and looking at whether Archbishop Lefebvre said anything about a deal with Rome or if the Society itself said anything in the past about a deal with Rome. In other words, a Catholic response to the SSPX-Rome deal would involve a total, thorough review of the situation at hand both intellectually and spiritually.

We at Psalm 129 do not believe the bloggers and writers who comment on the SSPX-Rome deal do much of any of this. We feel they act like modern man when it comes to thinking about the situation. “What’s the worst that could happen?” some ask. “If things go bad, the Society can go back to its old self,” others argue. This is an entirely naturalistic approach to an issue that requires supernatural thinking.

Whenever we who contribute to this blog see comments on various websites about the SSPX-Rome deal the same talking points are repeated over and over and over. We believe this group-think regurgitation is a result of a lack of critical thinking and likely due to the modern man way of thinking creeping into Tradition. Too many Society faithful have been lulled to sleep by the authorities and have slowly adopted a cult-like approach to them. They are incapable of applying the same critical thinking skills that got them into Tradition to their Tradition leaders. Put another way, those who have eyes to see the crisis in the Church are not using their thinking skills to even wonder if there is in fact a crisis in Tradition. They simply do and say whatever they are told.

Of course, it must be noted that obedience is a virtue. There is a risk of being overly obedient to the point of blindly following others. There is also a risk of not being obedient enough, which easily leads to Protestantism, independence and skepticism. We believe that over the past several months we at Psalm 129 have followed a proper balance of obedience and skepticism regarding the SSPX-Rome deal. Since November of 2016, here is what we have done.

We have refuted the “It’s a matter of justice” argument here and here. Others have done the same here.

We have refuted the “If the SSPX doesn’t regularize, they’ll become schismatic” argument here and here.

We have shown that the Society is repeating the same things Campos said and did here, here and here.

We have shown that Bishop Fellay is saying things today that flatly contradict what he has said in the past and that he has gone silent on the errors of Rome here, here, here and here.

We have shown that the Society has changed and is not the same as they used to be here and here

We have shown that “regularization” is to engage in liberal Catholicism and is to repeat Vatican II all over again here and here.

If in fact what we have said is wrong, then we beg that God will have mercy on our souls when judgement day arrives. Indeed, if we are incorrect, then not only are we but also those who believe we are right are being led down a very dark path. On the other hand, if we are in fact correct, then it would appear that the biblical prophesy that the elect will be deceived and that only a small remnant chosen by grace will remain is being fulfilled. If that is in fact what is happening, then may God forgive those who are leading the Society of St. Pius X into peril.


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