In his lifetime, Archbishop Lefebvre courageously proclaimed Rome’s apostasy far and wide. He also declared that there could be no deal with the Conciliar Church until Rome converts to the true faith.

One month into 2017 and Traditional Catholics are being flooded with yet more rumors of a deal (a deal with the devil, no doubt) between the Society of St. Pius X and Modernist Rome.

Before anyone can make a deal with the devil that person must first deny our Lord.

First denial of Our Lord – Silence

The pontificate of Francis has been the most destructive of all the Popes since Vatican II, and quite possibly the most destructive in the history of the Church. Where is Bishop Fellay amidst all of this? Silent. No bold declarations. No confrontations of Francis. No public rebukes. No condemnations.

Although articles somewhat critical of things Pope Francis has done do in fact appear on the Society’s website once in a while, they heavily cite Cardinals and Bishops who are on the “inside” of the Conciliar Church. In essence, the Society outsources its criticism to others. Never is Bishop Fellay quoted directly. Whereas Christ shouted “whited sepulchers!” to the enemies of God, Bishop Fellay nervously inquires “hey guys, do you mind if one of my assistants quotes Cardinal so-and-so’s disagreement with you?”

When asked “Art not thou also one of His disciples?” Bishop Fellay’s silence says “I am not.”

Second denial of Our Lord – Politicking

“But now you seek to kill me, a man who has spoken the truth to you…You are of your father the devil…He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him.”

These are the words of our Lord. Did He try to win favors from the Pharisees? Did He cower in fear or try to strike deals with them while they sought to kill Him? No. Our Lord spoke the truth. Plainly yet forcefully. Human respect be damned. Pleasing God came first. The same cannot be said for Bishop Fellay.

If the greatest, most noble destiny a man can have is to follow in Christ’s footsteps unto martyrdom, why does Bishop Fellay not then also speak the truth and defend our Lord and His Church? He did at one point. But no longer. Furthermore, why do we see Bishop Fellay politicking, constantly, over and over for the past many years? Handshakes with Benedict. Smiles with Francis. Meetings with Ecclesia Dei. Clever politicking and subtle maneuvering are radically opposed to the way our Lord carried out his divine mission.

The world asks Bishop Fellay again, “Art not thou also one of His disciples?” To which he replies for a second time, “I am not.”

Third denial of Our Lord – Survival

Scripture tells us that “he who wishes to save his life shall lose it; he that loses his life for Christ’s sake shall find it.”

This drove the disciples to lay down their lives in the same manner as our Lord. Today, living in a sort of Diocletian spiritual persecution, we hear from the mouth of Bishop Fellay: “A certain number of conditions are necessary for us to reach a deal …and for us the essential condition is our survival.”

This is the nail in the coffin of the SSPX. By this declaration merely “to survive,” Bishop Fellay and the Society shall surely perish. Jesus warned us in the Gospel of Matthew to “persevere to the end.” He said nothing about just trying to get by in order to save one’s life.

A third time Bishop Fellay is asked: “Art not thou also one of his disciples?” To which he replies, “I am not.”

Certain death

Christ said to his disciples they would be delivered up and put to death. He also said that they would be “hated by all nations for my name’s sake.” And yet how does Pope Francis describe Bishop Fellay? Like a close friend:

“Bishop Fellay is a man with whom one can dialogue. That is not the case for other elements who are a little strange, such as Bishop Williamson or others who have been radicalized.”

Judas dialogued with the Pharisees and remained silent while they tried our Lord. He politicked. He jockeyed. He made a deal for Truth. And, indeed, he lost his life. These actions of his betrayal of our Lord contained also within them an implicit denial of our Lord as well as a denial of His kingship and His divine rights.

While Peter’s threefold denial was more explicit, the question remains: will Bishop Fellay take the route of St. Peter – that of repentance and life – or that of Judas – of impenitence and certain death.

The cock crows…

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