To much fanfare the Society of St. Pius X opened a new seminary in the American state of Virginia. Videos and pictures of the event indicate that roughly 1,000 faithful were on hand.

The Society is viewed in a number of different ways. Some Catholics contend they are schismatic and therefore “not in communion” with Rome. Others, usually Traditional-minded, secretly root for their “regularization.” Whatever one thinks about them, “liberal” isn’t a term even the Society’s enemies would use to describe them.

It therefore may come as a surprise to learn that within the Society of St. Pius X there exist liberal priests, and that many of them occupy positions of power.

It is the aim of this blog to share with the world the truth about the Society. Such a claim may be seen by some as a declaration of support for “the Resistance.” This is not necessarily true. We simply ask that if you already attend Society chapels that you return to these pages in the weeks ahead, read what is put forth, pray about it, and to entertain – as hard as it may be – the possibility that things are not as they seem.

To those who do not frequent Society chapels but consider themselves sympathetic to their cause, we implore you to keep an open mind and open ears. Indeed, while the garments are bejeweled and cloth finely woven, the last defense of Truth, the last bastion of Tradition, is in the process of squandering the great pearl its saintly founder bequeathed to them.